Wet wipes for children “NATURELLE” kidz, aloe, 10 pcs

Material Non-woven spunlice fabric on the basis of natural (viscose) and synthetic (polyester) fibers with a high absorbing property
Solution Hypoallergenic substance on a water basis with the maintenance of natural extract of leaves of aloe
Size 170 * 110 mm
Packaging Polyethylene colored packaging with modern design developed by the Latvian design studio.
Pieces in the box 180
Barcode 4 820207 590274

Wet napkins for children “NATURELLE” kidz, aloe, 10 pcs., Rectangular. Made of nonwoven cloth.

By creating the NATURELLE kidz baby series of nappies, we take care of the hygiene and safety of you and your baby. That is why all NATURELLE kidz products are created using only natural extracts and high-quality components from well-known world producers. Modern production technology, quality control system and significant production experience guarantee the safety and impeccable result when used. Napkins effectively clean and moisturize the skin while calming it from irritation. Eliminate foreign smells. Hypoallergenic, does not contain ethyl alcohol, a balanced level of pH.

Napkins are easy to use at home, on the go and on vacation, as they do not take up much space in your handbag.