Wet wipes BABY ZAYA with embossed, 84 pcs., aloe

Material non-woven spallace cloth with cellular DOT embossing, with high absorbent property. Provides more effective cleaning and delicate care.
Solution a special water-based hypoallergenic substance, containing natural plant extracts that soothe and nourish the skin. No parabens, ethyl alcohol, balanced pH.
Size 180x180
Packaging plastic, matte-glossy packaging with modern design and barcode
Pieces in the box 18
Barcode 2 000525 704757

Baby Zaya Wet Wipes are designed for gentle delicate skin care from birth. Effectively cleanses the skin, eliminates foreign odors, gives a fresh toning aroma. Due to the carefully selected lotion composition, wet wipes are safe for baby skin, and the extracts included in the composition have a calming effect. Wipes are easy to use at home, on the road and on vacation. Special valve protects wipes from drying out. Hypoallergenic. Suitable for daily use.