Wet wipes “NATURELLE” Antibacterial with D-Panthenol, Silver Ions and Vitamin E, 120 pcs

Material perforated non-woven fabric in white
Solution specialized antibacterial composition for universal application with a vitamin complex, silver ions and D-panthenol
Size 140*180 mm
Packaging colored matt-gloss packaging with metallized elements and modern design. Quality plastic cover
Pieces in the box 12
Barcode 4820207590779

Wipes are made to maximize the purification and destruction of bacteria and germs on your hands.

Wet wipes cleanse hands gently without disturbing the natural functions of the skin and provide a long-lasting effect of freshness. They have natural antibacterial properties due to the content of D-Panthenol and silver ions, which are known for their bactericidal and antiseptic action. Due to the content of natural extracts and vitamin E, wipes moisturize the skin and heal wounds.

Hypoallergenic, does not irritate even sensitive skin. Wipes destroy viruses and bacteria, without leaving unpleasant sensations on the hands.