Wet wipes “NATURELLE” Antibacterial with a leaf extract of plantain, 48 pcs

Material Non-woven spunlies fabric on the basis of natural (viscose) and synthetic (polyester) fibers with high absorbing properties
Solution specialized antibacterial composition for universal application with vitamin complex and natural extracts of plantain leaves
Size 150*180 mm
Packaging Polyethylene, matt colored packaging with modern design and barcode
Pieces in the box 40
Barcode 4 820207 590229

Due to the natural extract content, the leaves of plantain napkins provide bactericidal action and heal scratches and wounds, do not irritate even sensitive skin.

Wet wipes with an antibacterial effect can be applied daily to care for the skin of an adult or child. If you stop choosing from antibacterial wipes, then there is no risk of getting dry or peeling of the skin, since these products have no alcohol and their pH is balanced. Therefore, even with the regular application of these wipes, the skin remains healthy and well-saturated with moisture, and in addition, you also disinfect it, eliminating pathogenic bacteria on the surface.

Being in public transport or other places of mass concentration of people, it is worth using them to protect their health.

These touch-friendly and practical wipes will be useful for walking, traveling and relaxing. Suitable for daily use.