Wet wipes save in the heat

The Queen of Spain, Isabella Castilla, admitted that she was washing all her life only twice: during the baptism and on the wedding day. Having traveled on a summer bus, it is hard to imagine that many fellow travelers are on the “royal” way. Interesting: wet wipes can solve the problem of washing?

Has the deodorant been taken down?

Unobtrusively hold the armpit flavored with a napkin. Do not want to take up the handrail that just hit someone’s sweaty hand? You will rescue the same napkins. Want ice cream, and palms are dirty? .. Well, you understand. In the summer wet wipes – the thing is really indispensable.

But that they do not let you go, they should come to their choice consciously. Typically, wet wipes are made from a special durable cloth, which then percolates depending on the purpose of different impregnations. Here are the main types of this cloth:

* Spandbond is a delicate creaky slippery material. Most often it is used in handkerchiefs. Wiping a person, a child’s skin or the same armpit is not very pleasant;

* Spanleys – a fabric, the composition is very close to natural cotton. It is soft, elastic, suitable for both the face and the skin of the baby;

* Cellulose – the touch resembles damp paper. Napkins from her hard, quickly lose their moisture and dry. Typically, cellulose wipes are used to quickly wipe your hands.