Wet wipes and their popularity

Apply moist wipes everywhere – in cosmetology, medicine, for the care of the human body and animals. Leading positions in the popularity of baby napkins. This product allows you to respond promptly to all sorts of difficult situations, because the children are constantly polluted and need intensive hygiene.

Of course, wet wipes do not replace water procedures, however, in conditions where water and soap are not at hand, or when water use is not very convenient (in travel, in transport, on walks in the city), wet wipes are indispensable. Moreover, the trend in recent years is such that, choosing between water and damp napkins, people increasingly prefer the latter. And this is understandable: wet wipes can replace not only the source of water, but also the system of cleaning / cosmetics, as well as a towel, and the various variants of packages make their use as convenient as possible in all situations.

Innovative technologies allow us to create comfort in any environment and considerably simplify care for oneself. Also, often wet wipes have a unique impregnation with РН-neutral substances, intended for effective cleaning, which in no way harm the health. Producers of the aforementioned products use safe non-woven materials as the main raw material, including thermobond, spunbond, cemiclbond, spanlies and airlead. It is from the material that the value of the finished product depends. That’s why the identical bundles of napkins in appearance may have different prices.

You can choose the right products of high quality and you can save significantly in the company store.