About us

The  “Sunvitа Group” LLC was established with the goal of producing personal care products and household products.

Our production is equipped with high-precision modern production lines, which ensure:

  • treatment of non-woven fabric with ultraviolet light;
  • automatic preparation and dosage of special solutions for impregnating wipes in exact accordance with the given recipe for each type of wipes;
  • high-precision wrapping of products by weight and size;
  • tight sealing seams of the package;
  • packaging of finished products into boxes;

Today, the company produces a damp cloth on production lines, each of which is designed to produce products of various formats, namely, packages containing from 10 to 132 pieces of wipes.

The largest and most powerful automated line of Turkish custom-made constructions in 2017 and successfully put into operation in the new production workshop of our enterprise. This high-tech equipment produces finished products without contact with a person under the control of operators using computers. The working speed of the packaging machine reaches 80 packs per minute, and the robotic unit installs plastic cover-valves to securely close and store napkins in the package.
The materials from which the wet wipes is made are also siren and are supplied directly from famous world and domestic manufacturers. This guarantees stable quality and low production costs.
The range of products is constantly expanding and being updated, new brands and varieties of products are being created. We created and registered four new trademarks:

«Naturelle» – a children’s, antibacterial and specialized wipes;

«BabyZaya» – baby wipes;

«Linea» – a wipes for removing make-up and facial care, as well as wipes for  hygiene;

«Super Baby» – baby wipes.

For our partners, we offer advantageous terms of cooperation in the direction of manufacturing products under own brand of the customer, and are also ready to provide profitable price offers for the trademarks of “Sunvitа Group” company.