Wet wipes BABY ZAYA, 84 pcs., chamomile

Material Non-woven spunlice fabric on the basis of natural (viscose) and synthetic (polyester) fibers with a high absorbing property
Solution Hypoallergenic substance on a water basis with the content of natural plant extracts
Size 180*180 mm
Packaging Polyethylene, matt colored packaging with modern design and a convenient plastic valveplastic cover
Pieces in the box 18
Barcode 4 820207 590137

Wet wipes Baby Zaya are made for delicate care of your baby’s skin from birth. Effectively cleans the skin, eliminates foreign smells, gives a fresh tonic flavor. Due to the carefully selected composition of the lotion, the wet wipes are safe for the baby’s skin, and the extracts that make up have a calming effect. Wipes are comfortable to use at home, on the road and on the rest. A special valve protects the wipes from drying out. Hypoallergenic. Suitable for daily use. Dermatologically tested.